Flatpress Review: Blogging without a Database

Not too long ago, I started searching for a blog system that worked without a database. What I found was Flatpress. Although there are other alternatives on the net, Flatpress seems to have a good community behind it. Plugins are available to extend the blog’s capabilities and there are community members available to answer questions. Of course there is the online documentation available as well as the Flatpress wiki.

So what makes this blog system without a database so interesting? Well the fact that you server doesn’t have to access your information stored in a database simply means your blog reacts quicker to requests. The information is stored in text files and images are uploaded straight to your server. The back-end section is fairly simple and intuitive. There are additional plugins that can enhance and increase the ease of use of the admin section.

This alternative to WordPress is a great tool for anyone that doesn’t have access to a database but wants to have a self hosted blog. Themes can be developed for this system or you can develop your own theme. In any case it is a great tool and in future I will write some tutorials on how to develop themes or modify Flatpress and blogging in it.

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