WampServer, is there an alternative?

softaculous amppsWhen I first started developing websites I tried many methods to setup a development server. Initially, I developed sites directly through my hosting provider, but it soon became apparent that this method was not practical. I needed to find a faster and more reliable way to develop and test websites. To make a long story short, I tried to setup a Linux server and all the various components manually, but this took too much time. I tried to manually install the Windows Apache version, but again this took too long to do. It wasn’t long before I discovered packaged programs such as Xampp and WampServer. Over time WampServer became my favorite tool of choice until I discovered an amazing alternative, Ampps.

The difference between Wampserver and Ampps

For anyone that has ever used WampServer, it is an easy way to install Apache, PHP and Mysql on a Windows Desktop. Once setup, you can manually install WordPress or any other software you want. What makes Ampps different is that it comes with Softaculous integrated. Softaculous is essentially an auto-installer which allows you to install any prepackaged program with a single click. If you have ever used cPanel before then you most likely had Softaculous available. Additionally, Ampps also has a simple and intuitive interface as shown in the picture above.

Save Time, One-Click Install

Ampps InterfaceThe biggest advantage that Ampps has over WampServer is having Softaculous’s “one-click” install option. It saves time when installing software such as WordPress, shopping carts, communities and other programs. The interface is the standard view that you see in cPanel. You can quickly access phpMyAdmin to manage your databases. You even get FTP capabilities allowing you to upload your updates directly to your online host.

What I like most about Ampps Softaculous is the ability to demo software before you install it. Imagine trying out WordPress, Concrete5 or Simple CMS without having to install it first. You can decide if the software is right for your project before spending the time to install it. Perhaps the best way to experience Ampps is to simply try it yourself.

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The big difference between Ampps and WampServer is the installation size. Ampps is over 150 MBs in size while WampServer is a smaller installation. However, Softaculous’s integration with Ampps includes over 300 app installation options.


Although I have only been using Ampps for a short time, I can already see the time saving benefits over using WampServer. You no longer have to spend time and effort installing software. You can concentrate on what matters most, developing and testing websites. If you like the idea of try before you install then Ampps is a great alternative; however, if you prefer to use what you know best then keep using WampServer. If you know other great alternatives, feel free to contribute in the comments section.

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  1. Thanks Jose, I have been using Wampserver all my life but it doesn’t seem to work with Oxwall software. I will give Apmss a trial.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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