WordPress is 10 Years Old!

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Today, WordPress celebrates it’s 10 year anniversary. On Twitter people are celebrating with hash mark #wp10. WordPress initially started as a personal blogging tool and over time it developed into the most popular CMS online. Millions of websites around the world use it as their platform and it is perhaps one of the best SEO friendly tools to use when building your online presence.

Since we specialize in WordPress I could not help but contribute an article to this celebration. I first discovered WordPress back in 2008. Initially I was looking for an alternate blogging solution to Yahoo’s 360 profiles which introduced me to blogging. I tried various solutions and since I had my own domain I decided to host my own blog. So when I found WordPress, little did I know that this personal blogging tool would eventually lead me to become a WordPress developer.

I had no idea how to change themes, let alone build my own. A little tinkering here and there let to customizing popular themes to fit my personal needs. Over the years I learned through trial and error, read the Codex to learn more and started to read other people’s blogs to learn how to do stuff on my own. Eventually, I found my first client who also had a WordPress website. Although, he was not using it as a blogging platform, I soon learned how to transform this powerful blogging tool into a full CMS.

So what can WordPress do for you and your business? Perhaps the main benefit of using WordPress is the fact that it has a large community behind it to support it. It is this community that continuously works to improve the platform through plugins and themes. For anyone that is looking for a flexible platform that can fit their needs, this is a perfect solution. WordPress can be turned into any kind of website. Need ecommerce solutions? There is a plugin for it. As a matter of fact there are many plugins for it. Although SEO friendly there are plugins that can enhance its SEO performance. As a CMS or a blogging solution your business can greatly benefit from it.

If you would like to learn more about WordPress or want to read more about the 10 year anniversary, visit the official website for more details. Happy anniversary to everyone out there using the platform. If you would like to contribute to this article, feel free to comment below.

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