Maintaining and updating your website can be time consuming. Sometimes there are technical aspects that are best handled by experts. We offer Pay As You Go plans as well as Monthly Plans.

Pay As You Go

If you need occasional updates, text changes, image replacement, color changes or something more specific contact us with your request and we can provide you with an Estimate. The minimum charge is 1 hour and after that the project is charged per 30 minutes of work. For example 1.5 hours of work equals £ 60.

Monthly Plans

If you need someone to make updates on a monthly basis, then we offer a couple of monthly plans below. General updates include: uploading text, changing text, updating images, colors and background. If you have special requirements, contact us for more details. If you need us for more hours than the plans listed below, then we can work out what hours can work for you.

Choose a Plan

We offer a range of maintenance plans to choose from.

Prices Pay as you Go Plan B Plan A
Rate £ 40 p/hr £ 70 p/mon £ 130 p/mon
Hours per month unlimited 2 4
Monthly Term n/a 1 3
Priority Updates £ 50 p/hr included included
Out of Office Hours £ 60 p/hr n/a n/a
Weekend Updates £ 60 p/hr n/a n/a
Rollover Hours* n/a 1 month 2 month
Contact us Contact us Contact us

*Rollover Hours, any unused hours from one month will rollover into the next month, for the maximum number of months listed for each plan.