How to link a PDF in WordPress

I had previously created a video tutorial on Youtube on how to upload a PDF to WordPress and then link the pdf to an image. The main purpose for this was to give the PDF link and image that was intuitive to most people. For those people that prefer a detailed step-by-step guide, then this article is for you. Additionally, this tutorial is updated with the latest version of WordPress as of this writing.

What you will need

In order to follow along in this tutorial, you will need:

  • An installation of WordPress
  • A PDF file
  • An image that you would like to use to link your PDF

A very good place to find useful icons or images is

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The process (link a pdf in WordPress):

Step 1) Login to your WordPress dashboard and go to the “posts” section. You can either go to an existing post or you can create a new post. In this example we are adding a new post titled “A PDF in a Post”.

Step 2) Make sure that your editor is in “Visual mode” and not in “HTML mode”. You are going to click on the “Add Media” icon next to the “Upload/Insert” text.

Step 3) This will bring up the “Add Media” window. Either drag and drop your pdf into the box or press the “select files” button and select your pdf file.

Step 4) Once your pdf is uploaded go to the URL section. You are going to select and copy the address.

Step 5) Next we want to add an image. All we do is repeat the upload process again, by dragging your image into the “Media Upload” box or by selecting “select files”.

Step 6) Once your image is uploaded, go to the “Link” section and remove the current link.

Step 7) We now place the new link we previously copied into the box and click the “insert” button.

Step 8) You now have your image inserted into your post with a direct link to your pdf file. All you have to do now is press the “publish” button and you are done.

If you would like to watch the video for this tutorial follow along below.

The direct link to the video above:

This technique also works for any other file format you may want to add. For example Word documents, text files or any other file. Give it a try and share your results in the comments below.

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