Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 configured with Wampserver

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So you have Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 and you want to build a PHP website. You have installed Wampserver, but you don’t know how to configure Dreamweaver to work with your local test server. So what do you do?

Well, let’s look at the steps required to make these two programs work together. First, I must mention that the steps outlined in this post should work for most versions of Dreamweaver and other types of servers that are installed on a Windows computer. All you have to do is adapt these instructions to your specific configuration.

Setting up Dreamweaver

  1. Open Dreamweaver and click on the word “Sites”
  2. Then select “Manage Sites”

The “Manage Sites” window should open. If you have not configured any sites yet, the main box should be empty. Click on the “New Site” button.

This should bring up the “Site Setup…” window. The first window should be self-explanatory. Basically you name your site in the box titled “Site Name” and you select the folder where you want to save your files or where your files are currently saved in the “Local Site Folder” box.

The main section we will be working with is the “Servers” window. Click “Servers”. If you have not configured a server before, this window should be empty. In order to add a server we need to click on the “plus sign”.

This should bring up a window with “Basic” and “Advanced” options. You don’t have to change anything on the “Basic” window.

When you click on the “Advanced” options, the important setting is the one listed in the “Test Server” section at the bottom. Make sure that the drop-down menu has “PHP MySQL” selected and click the “Save” button.

Finally, you will see the newly created server in the “Servers” window. Make sure to uncheck the box labeled “Remote” and change it to “Testing”. Click “Save” and you have finished your Dreamweaver and Wampserver configuration.

Now you can start building PHP websites and use the “Live View” feature in Dreamweaver to view your PHP website as you build it in Dreamweaver.